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Below are a few of the sites where CRN can be heard, there are many more. If you are interested in coming on CRN with a Podcast, please see rate sheet below, and then use the Contact Form to get in touch with us. We are currently offering very reasonable rates, in fact you will not find rates as low as ours, to get a podcast going. CRN also has passed 50K Download’s worldwide.

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Current Running Podcasts on CRN 

John Jeffers

John is the founder of CRN and also hosts a weekly program on CRN called The Jeffers Brief. Jphn is also the one who makes it all happen and ensures the bills get paid. 

– Donald Lowery

Donald is the host of The Conservative Underground Podcast, and also acts as the Broadcast Producer for all programs on CRN.

Donald got started in radio when he was young, and has gron in the love for many years. Today Donald still produces radio voice work for many companies, right from his own home studio.

-Prepping 2.0

Both Glen Tate and Shelby Gallagher wrote their books with the idea of telling a story of a possible collapse and how to prep. It is an exciting time to prep. Innovation, technology, know-how have advanced in recent year, so has the need to prep. Hence the reason for a new outlook on prepping. The need for Prepping 2.0.

– Prepper Guy

Prepper Guy is a hot and heavy podcast that focuses on prepping and a twist of politics in the eyes of Mark Boyle

– Mark And Don

Donald is the host of The Conservative Underground Podcast, and Mark hosts Prepper Guy. Together they are just 2 Krazy Guys!


– Your Show Could Be HEre

Use the form below and come on board CRN, we can work out all the details together.

Our Rates:

If you are interested in coming on board, please see our rates below, and if interested, use the contact form for more information.

If you would like to host a program, please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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